10 Jul 2023

Tips to Visit Farms – Maine Open Farm Day 2023

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Save the date! Maine Open Farm Day is Sunday, July 23, 2023. We offer tips to get you ready for this summer tradition, and find a farm to visit!

It’s not every day you get to see where food is grown, how yarn is made, or get to meet the caretakers of Maine farm animals and wildlife. But thanks to the annual tradition of Maine Open Farm Day, you have a unique chance to do that and learn about the business of agriculture where it happens!

If you’re planning to attend this special day, you’ll want to learn what to see and do, and how to make the most of your visit. We are here to help you do that!

A Holstein dairy cow on a Maine farm during Open Farm Day visits
A Holstein dairy cow at an Open Farm Day farm
What to see and do

Maine Open Farm Day is an annual celebration held across the state. It is an open-house style event during which host farms extend an invite to the public. This allows you to learn more about their business and what they do. Each farm visit is different, and depending on your visit, you can experience the variety of agriculture on display. For example, at diversified produce farms, you may see rows of crops, such as vegetables and fruits, at different stages of readiness for harvest. Depending on the set up, you can even DIY or “PYO” (pick your own) at some host farms. View the trip itineraries to see an farms by county and region, plus an interactive map and links you can share, or print.

You may also get to see working landscapes, home to a variety of wildlife, managed woodlots and farm animals. You’ll find host farms offering tours, and farmer meet-and-greets. Some farms highlight their educational experiences and trails for the public to explore. There are even farms that offer products to purchase, and share recipes or techniques to best enjoy your purchase. Not all farms sell their product directly to customers, and those who will gladly help you learn where and how to buy Maine farm products year round. Whatever farm you choose to explore, there are different ways to have a memorable visit.

Ways to visit and who to visit

This family-friendly event allows you to choose your own adventure. Are you looking to visit more than one farm? You can visit many farms by making different stops in an area for a morning or afternoon trip.

Or, perhaps you’re seeking a special farm product? There are great places for that. For example, a treat for yourself, or gifts for friends or family might come from Maine’s farms that offer famous fiber products, orchards, wineries, creameries or breweries.

Are you planning a wider exploration of Maine’s scenic backroads scenic byways, and local businesses? You can make the most of your trip getting to know the locals with a visit to a special farm along the way.

Follow along as we offer even more suggestions in the coming weeks to help you make the most of your local agricultural adventure!

Tips to Visit Maine Farms on Open Farm Day:

  • Check local listings for hours, schedules and updates.  
  • Help keep farms healthy — stay home if sick or not feeling well . 
  • Follow farm rules. Stay in visitor areas. Keep pets at home.  
  • Bring an insulated container when you shop: Keep cold foods cold and hot foods hot for quality and freshness. 
  • Always clean fresh produce before eating and preparing.  
  • Plan to carry out any trash and recyclables.
  • Use good hygiene before, during, and after visit.
  • Stick to established trails & roads and avoid tailgating farm machinery.  
  • Be weather wise, dress appropriately and know your personal limits  (the event is held rain or shine).
  • Ask farmers how to enjoy Maine farm products year-round!