Jobs in the Bureau of Agriculture, Food and Rural Resources

Have you ever thought about working for the State of Maine to promote or support Maine agriculture? There are jobs posted now and opening later in 2022 that might be of interest to you. The Bureau of Agriculture, Food and Rural Resources (BAFRR) has many divisions, including Animal and Plant Health (APH), Quality Assurance and Regulations (QAR), and Agricultural Resource Development (ARD). There are positions all divisions.

Real Maine Jobs

Real Maine is part of the Agricultural Resource Development division. In 2022, we have several Maine agricultural marketing and technical assistance jobs that are open now or will be open soon.

  • Institutional Market Development Coordinator (Policy and Research Associate II) – Accepting applications from Jan. 4th – Feb. 3rd 2022. Help build institutional, business-to-business, and wholesale markets for Maine agricultural producers. Apply here.
  • Agricultural Promotional Coordinator – Position will be open in spring 2022. Develop Real Maine marketing materials, help organize events, and provide technical assistance to farmers and food producers.
  • Soil Scientist (Public Service Coordinator I) – Position will be open in winter 2022. Provides leadership for developing, managing, and directing a comprehensive and integrated technical soil services program within the Department.

The Rewards of Public Service

If you have a passion for Maine agriculture, working for the State gives you a chance to have a wide impact and serve your fellow citizens. Working in Maine agricultural marketing and technical assistance jobs offers a chance to impact the State’s food system. This work benefits local communities and the state’s economy. State jobs also offer excellent benefits. Benefits include 13 paid holidays, 12 days of sick leave, and 3+ weeks of vacation leave annually, health and dental insurance, a retirement plan, and 4 weeks of paid parental leave. Read more about the benefits available here.

How to Apply

If you’re interested in applying for a job with the State of Maine, there is a short (6 minute) video that will give you an overview of the process. Watch the video here: