Come Discover Maine at an Agricultural Fair

Maine has a long tradition of agricultural fairs and festivals featuring, among many attractions, farm animals, livestock, and agricultural exhibits. Fairs offer fun activities and delicious food for the whole family! Many also host a wide range of tastings, classes, and demonstrations showcasing tasty and fresh products. Real Maine farmers, producers and other members are proud to celebrate what makes our state’s agriculture so special and unique. 

Start here if you are planning a fun-filled day trip, weekend outing, or hope to learn more about Maine. Food and farm events are entertaining for families and friends alike. Discover the listings below to find the perfect agritourism activity, fair, or festival to complete your upcoming adventure.

6-Hitch Horse Carriage at an Agricultural Fair in Maine

Upcoming Fairs

Here are the fairs that are coming next. Go here for a full listing of this year’s fairs.

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