10 Jan 2024

2024 Real Maine Fall Fiber Tour & Trail Sites

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Locating a fiber farm, artist and maker

Fiber tour stops and dates:

This annual event happens in October. Participating sites choose their dates – generally the first or second, or both the first and second weekends in October. Please check back often as sites are added for the upcoming year.

Tips for exploring Maine’s fibershed this fall:

  • We recommend checking local listings before you head out. Most sites represent Maine’s fibershed, which means they are working farms and smaller businesses manufacturing and crafting products for depending on their seasonal tasks.
  • Each location is different and may update schedules and activities as the event date nears. 
  • Check back for updates, and find more details about activities that host sites publish on the Real Maine event calendar.
  • If you’re new to fiber production in Maine, we encourage you to read about Maine’s fibershed, and the ways you can support it.
If you are a Maine farm or fiber processor who would like to participate (or know of a fiber farm, maker, or artisan, who would like to participate), please email Real Maine.