13 Jun 2023

Real Maine Ice Cream Trail

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Did you know Maine offers some of the best ice cream in the world? Enjoy award-winning batches and flavors with local ingredients, including fresh Maine milk. From local creameries crafting tasty treats with Maine milk to ice cream shops, cafes, and restaurants to farm stores and roadside stands, you could spend your entire summer sampling ice cream; but don’t take our word for it–you can be the judge and explore Real Maine’s Ice Cream Trail.

Trail Map and Itinerary

Let the Real Maine planner tool help you to navigate the ice cream trail. You can adjust your list, and share with others. It’s also easy to share and print.

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Visit a Real Maine Creamery or Ice Cream Parlor

Find Real Maine ice cream parlors, creameries, and scoop shops open to the public this summer. Check back as more sites are added to the list!

The participating locations proudly feature Maine-made ice cream made with Maine milk and cream from Maine dairy farms. You’ll find makers perfecting the art and science of different ice cream styles and recipes. Some include other Maine-grown ingredients too, like wild blueberries, fruit, maple syrup and sea salt, or eggs (for custard-style ice cream).