23 Jun 2023

Maine Open Farm Day 2023 County Trip Itineraries and Maps

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Use the pre-made itineraries to see a map and contact information of host farms across Maine.

Open Farm Day, which this year is on July 23, is a special day to explore the variety of agriculture across Maine. Below, you will find pre-made itineraries, which includes site addresses and maps, of host farms. They are grouped by county, for all regions of Maine. When you click the county itinerary, you’ll see a list of participating farms, and the map. You can save, share, and even adjust, and print the itinerary to customize your trip! If you’re new to this tradition, we encourage you to Iearn more about Open Farm Day.

Tips for your Visit

  • Most farms are open 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., but not all. You can double check the schedule by looking at the local listings, for example, the Real Maine Event calendar, or the farm’s social media. You can also call the business – some have a recorded message to share updates or changes.
  • Bring your questions about agriculture, and your taste for outdoor adventure for this rain or shine activity!
  • Looking for more details about activities? Visit the Real Maine event calendar.

Where to start, places to go on Maine Open Farm Day

Southern Maine

In southern Maine, you are a short drive away from more populated New England cities. A daytrip or a long weekend, for instance, is the right amount of time to stretch your legs, and to learn about Maine’s many quality farm products, such as those grown for award-winning restaurants and breweries. In addition, as families explore this area, they will get a nice introduction to farm direct sales, such as Pick Your Own and U-Pick produce farms, CSA offerings, and local fiber products!

Further up the coast and inland

Maine Lakes and Mountains

Along Maine’s western border, you’ll enjoy the rolling hills, dotted with familiar and new connections to Maine’s agricultural heritage. For instance, you’ll find farms that make their own ice cream, cheeses, breads, wine, fibers and everything between. A visit to this area offers many Open Farm Day sites within a sort distance. Bring your shopping bags and coolers so you have plenty of space to transport any of the farm product choices home!

Kennebec and Moose River Valley

This region is perfect for a day trip, or as a special activity to bookend a longer stay to area attractions—be it a camping or river trip, or a week on the lakes. You’ll find a great variety of farms to explore in this area, and you’ll see firsthand the many ways Maine farmers ensure Maine’s working landscapes provide both beautiful views and quality Maine farm products.


This part of Maine offers world-renowned coastlines, quaint villages, and vibrant working landscapes! There’s much to see and do at host farms in this area. You can easily access farms from other points of interest too, like state parks and beaches, which makes this a nice option for long weekends and discovering Maine. This part of the state is also home to the Midcoast Cheese Trail, and some of the Real Maine Ice Cream Trail stops. Consider combining any of the experiences for a day trip and see many farms and explore Maine!


What does “DownEast” mean? DownEast is a nautical term that refers to the direction ships sailed to get to Maine from New York and Boston (in other words, ‘downwind’ and ‘to the east’). This term evokes an appreciation for the rich heritage, and rugged landscapes. Make a visit to these farms, and it’s clear to see why the charm of this region of Maine wore off on authors, and adventure-seekers, and those seeking ‘the good life’.

Central and Northern Maine

This heart of Maine is home to Mt. Katahdin and Moosehead lake, and hundreds of thousands of acres of undeveloped frontier land. Surrounding this wilderness are swaths of fertile farmland, which can be found traveling east and north and toward the “Crown of Maine” or “The County”. Geographically, Aroostook County is the largest county east of the Mississippi! There’s a lot happening here agriculturally that might not be recognizable to the untrained eye—but luckily for visitors near and far, there are welcoming farmers eager to greet you with a smile and warm welcome.

More Ways to Explore Maine Farms and Products Year Round

Open Farm Day is an annual tradition. But, there are plenty of ways to support and explore a variety of Maine agriculture year-round. We share some tips below.