11 Apr 2022

Tips to Visit Maine Farms and Farm Product Makers

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Ways to explore Maine farms and farm products

A farm visit can be an educational experience for everyone who wants to learn more about food and farm products. For example, visitors may attend workshops to learn about farming techniques, or a field day to learn about crops and animals. Farm tours show how crops are grown, and the types of farm animals. Sometimes makers and businesses offer tours to help people see how farm products are made. Depending on the farm, an educational experience might include some hands-on effort by visitors. For example, many Maine farms offer Pick Your Own, U-Pick, or Choose and Cut sites for their clients. Not all farms are open for tours, workshops or events. However, they may offer self-directed visits, such as outdoor recreation trails. If you explore farmland consider ways to respectfully enjoy Maine’s working landscapes.

Save the date for special events

Some farms offer events. Use the Real Maine calendar to search for farm-specific events. Or attend a statewide event day. Maine’s statewide event days are often open to the public. Some are free, and others are ticketed fundraisers to support education and research.

All the events offer people a chance to learn about farms and farm products. You can often shop and sample foods with Maine farm ingredients, or find a beautiful gift! Annual events include Maine Maple Sunday® Weekend (the fourth weekend in March), Open Farm Day (the fourth weekend in July), Artisan Bread Fair (July) Wild Blueberry Weekend (August), Cheese Festival (September), Winery Day (September) Apple Day (September), and Open Creamery Day, and the Fall Fiber Tour & Trail (both the second weekend in October).

Plan your visit

If you’re planning an exploration of Maine farms and the businesses that make farm products or are open for visits, start with these tips to support these interesting businesses throughout the state!

Help keep farms healthy

  • Use good hygiene before, during, and after visit.
  • Stay home if sick or not feeling well.
  • Stay home if you recently came in contact with ill people or animals that could spread sickness or pests to the farm, farmers, and other visitors.

A welcome guest

  • Stay in visitor areas.
  • Follow visitor instructions and signage.
  • Not all farms are open to the public and some are only open during certain times of year or in designated areas.
  • Keep pets at home.  
  • Plan to carry out any trash and recyclables.

Safety first

  • Stick to established trails & roads — follow signage. Not all roads are open to the public for vehicle or foot traffic.
  • Avoid tailgating farm machinery.  
  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Wear close-toed shoes that are easy to clean when you arrive and after your visit.

Enjoy your purchases

  • Bring an insulated container when you shop: Keep cold foods cold and hot foods hot for quality and freshness. 
  • Always clean fresh produce before eating and preparing. 
  • Ask farmers or makers how to enjoy farm products year-round!