11 Jul 2023

Activity Calendar | Maine Open Farm Day 2023

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Approximately 100 farms across Maine are welcoming visitors Sunday, July 23, 2023, during Maine’s 34th Open Farm Day. We suggest three ways you can plan your visit and locate farms to explore during this summertime tradition.

  • View the full list of 2023 Maine Open Farm Day host sites – get to know more about the farms by clicking their profiles.
  • Use a pre-made trip itinerary – a list you can use to save contact info, maps, and share with friends, and help you decide which parts of the state, and area farms, to visit.
  • The Real Maine event calendar highlights all sorts of events happening year-round in Maine agriculture. Use the following information to browse Open Farm Day activities different farms will host this year.

Browse Maine Open Farm Day activity descriptions

To help you learn more about Maine Open Farm Day activities, many farms publish event calendar details. Here is a list of farm descriptions from some of the participating sites.

Tips and Reminders for Visitors

  • If you’re new to this tradition, we encourage you to Iearn more about Open Farm Day
  • Most farms are open 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., but not all. Refer to the local listings for specific details.
  • Sites are open to the public. Generally, there is no fee or registration to attend. However, some sites sell farm products, and you can purchase them while visiting.
  • Before you depart, double check for any updates – in case farm plans change. You can also refer to farm listings, social media webpages, or call the farm for updated schedules.
  • Please keep pets and your own farm animals at home – and help keep the farms healthy by washing your hands, or using sanitizer, between visits.
  • Bring your questions about agriculture, and your taste for outdoor adventure for this rain or shine activity.
  • After your visit – share your feedback

Stay connected year-round

Open Farm Day is an annual tradition. But, there are plenty of ways to support and explore a variety of Maine agriculture year-round. We share some tips below.