6 Nov 2020

A Real Maine Apple a Day

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“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, or that’s what we’ve always been told. Real Maine apple growers have just what the doctor ordered. Besides “eating out of hand,” add more apples to your life by cooking with Real Maine apples!

Fall in Maine is a beautiful time. Trees heavy with bright red, ripe apples dot the landscape. Join in on the fun at U-pick orchards all over our state. It’s a great way to get outside with family or friends, and stock your kitchen with year round favorites. We suggest picking enough to make (and can or freeze) our favorite applesauce recipe.

Miss your chance to pick them for yourself? Look for them in the produce isle. Maine apples are available all year long in grocery stores and at farm stands. Cooking with Real Maine apples is a particular treat. Maybe you’ve got apple-filled desserts on your upcoming holiday menu (like the Apple Walnut Cake from the Dash of Maine Holiday Cooking Challenge!). Here are a few apple varieties you might want to try in the kitchen. They have unique flavors and properties, and will add extra flavor and texture to your apple recipes:

When cooking with Real Maine apples, consider trying new varieties like Wolf River.

Wolf River

Originated near the Wolf River in Wisconsin in the 1800’s. Good for eating fresh and in pies. Ripens in September.


Great multi-purpose apple. Slightly sweet great for cooking. Picking dates: late September to mid-October.

A tree full of cortland apples
McIntosh apples a a favorite for snacking, but when cooking with Real Maine apples, consider reaching for McIntosh to add a softer fruit texture to compliment the more crisp fruit.


Slightly tart and a very aromatic apple. Currently, McIntosh is the most commonly grown variety in New England and remains one of the top ten most widely grown varieties in the US. Picking dates: mid-September to mid-October.

Northern Spy

Originated in NY around 1800. Tart flavor and great fresh or in pies. Ripens in late October.


Cooking with Real Maine apples

Ready! Set! Whisk! Hints and Tips – Apple Walnut Cake. Maine Public’s Dash Of Maine Cooking Challenge! For more tips on cooking with apples, tune in as we partner with Maine Public for the Dash of Maine Cooking Challenge! Chef Dumas explains why your cake will be even tastier if you cook with multiple varieties of Real Maine apples.