23 Oct 2020

A day in Western Maine? Add some Agriculture to it!

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When the leaves begin to change, the foothills of Western Maine come alive. Look past the bright foliage and you’ll find farms and stands- local gems with seasonal produce, cheese, wine and many other great locally produced products. Have a day to spend in the area? Here’s some agriculture in Western Maine you don’t want to miss!

Cornish Cider Company hard cider at Apple Acres Farm store.

Take a road less traveled.

Drive through the quaint downtown streets of Cornish, lined with local shops, eateries and the home of Cornish Cider Company. Their tasting room may be closed but curbside pick-up is available for advance orders. If you only need a single bottle to enjoy along your way, pick it up while visiting nearby Apple Acres Farm store, along with fresh baked goods and other Maine made products.

Venture further north to Fryeburg and be sure to stop by a local favorite: Weston’s Farm. Nestled in a valley along the banks of the Saco River, the farm is known for its farm stand and store, always stocked with produce and goods grown right there at the farm, as well as other local favorites including Maine maple syrup, canned preserves, cheese and wine and delicious baked goods. When you’ve stocked up with enough to curb your appetite, browse their gift item selections on your way out.

Look up.

Now that you’ve filled your picnic basket or backpack, venture to the nearby trailhead of the Jockey Cap Mountain and enjoy a leisurely hike (great for all ages and skill levels). Explore rock caves and outcroppings along the way. At the top, take in the view of the Saco River Valley, and identify mountains in the distance while enjoying the fruits of the days travels.

Plan your route…

There’s so much to explore during your journey along the western border of our state. To find local favorites, seasonal agritourism activities and plan your trip, search our member listings and create a memorable itinerary for your day!