28 Feb 2022

Greater Portland & Casco Bay Region – Trip Ideas

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Maine’s Greater Portland & Casco Bay region is home to Maine’s largest metropolitan area. It stretches east to Casco Bay, west to Sebago Lake, south to Scarborough, and north to Freeport.

Explore the islands that dot the coastline – or visit shops, galleries and restaurants that line the city’s streets. If you’re curious about the flavors of food from Maine’s farms consider guided toursCoffee shops, craft beverage makers, cafes, and restaurants are abundant and popular sites too, and many buy ingredients from Maine farms.  On the outskirts and inland, there are educational farms that offer tours too, which offers a closer look at how important farming is to Maine’s communities. If you prefer to stay in town, you’ll spot many farm brands at gift shops, grocers and restaurants. Ask for the Maine ingredients and farm products and choose the local selections at community grocery stores, and a bustling restaurant scene!