4 May 2021

Ways to support Maine farmers year-round

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There are so many ways to support Maine farmers year-round.

Here are suggestions for how you can support farmers this spring—and still increase your awareness about Maine agriculture!
  • Look for listings of local farms to support: www.REALMAINE.com, is a good place to start.

  • Follow farms on social media and subscribe to their newsletters! This gives you a year-round connection. You can learn what’s happening season-to-season.
  • Call ahead—learn if there are changes to events, activities, and layouts before you visit.
  • Learn how and where you can buy farm products:
More Tips for Supporting Maine Farms

Can’t be there in person? Make memories from a distance!

Here are some ways to enjoy Maine farm products, and to learn about them as you do:

  • Select one of these Real Maine recipes, and create a shopping list. Opt for finding more local products and use Real Maine’s search tool to find local ingredients. You may find products at independent grocers, markets, farm stands, or supermarkets. Call ahead to verify.
  • Tune into your favorite farm’s YouTube channels—are they sharing farm news? Do they offer some tidbits of information you can listen to while you spend time with family?
  • Follow Real Maine’s Facebook page —a promotional resource to help tell the story of Maine agriculture—as we share farmer stories and current updates!