19 Nov 2021

Give the Gift of Real Maine Specialty Foods

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With the holiday season upon us, there’s no better way to warm hearts and bellies than by giving the gift of Real Maine specialty foods. Many items are just the right fit for care packages sent through the mail, to pair with a Maine cheese or wine, or order and ship directly from the maker! Specialty foods are easy to find at farmers’ markets, farm stands and stores, co-ops (like the Belfast Co-op), and health food stores (like the Natural Living Center). Whether you’re shopping for a foodie friend, a relative who “has everything,” or someone special a long way away, there are perfect food gifts for every pocketbook.

What’s your Jam?

Enjoy the flavors of summer year round with jams and jellies produced at the peak of freshness. Traditional blueberry varieties are always a hit but expand your winter palate with something new like whiskey maple cranberry preserves, or something especially for the holidays like raspberry champagne jam! Jam is a comfort food for all ages, from children to sophisticated adults.

Jam on toast
Delicious jams and jellies for breakfast.
Real Maine specialty foods may include surprising flavors.
Sauces and salsa from Real Maine producers.

Sauce and spice.

Jars of sauce to accompany your favorite pasta or seafood dish make a delicious dinner at home easier than ever. You’ll be glad you’re staying in because these flavors are so good, you won’t want to share with a crowd. They’re also perfect for simple appetizers and dipping! Turn up the heat when you open a jar of salsa or spicy sauce. Award winning varieties from mild to maple are made right here in Maine. Prefer to BBQ year round or need a great marinade to prep your favorite dish? Real Maine producers have just what you’re looking for.

Breakfast and Baking.

Maine’s grain economy is growing year by year, and locally grown grains are now widely available. They bring a rich flavor to your dishes, and may offer more nutritional benefits than some mass-produced grains. Start the day with a warm plate of traditional Acadian ployes or bowl of oatmeal, and end it baking up breads and pastries. With the abundant array of locally grown and processed grains, flour and baking products, your menu possibilities are endless. If you’re looking for some recipes to try, some classics from the Maine Bicentennial Community Cookbook may fit your taste!

Heritage grains are an increasing popular Real Maine specialty food.
Bread with mixed grains is filling and flavorful.

Whether you’re shopping local or gifting to friends and family away, always look for Real Maine products where you shop. There are options available not just here in our local stores, but across the country and online too. There’s no better gift to give or receive than one made with quality ingredients and care right here in Maine!

A collection of Real Maine specialty foods – there’s something for everyone!