15 Sep 2021

Enjoy Harvest Time in Maine

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Support Maine’s Agricultural Producers

Fall is the time to enjoy harvest time in Maine, while the weather is crisp and local foods abound! Enjoying harvest time may also include an online virtual farm visit or placing an order for easy shipment. It may mean a road trip to a farm or farmers’ market, or stopping along your travels to purchase apples, potatoes, honey, or fall decorations from a roadside stand. When you buy from a farmer, you help sustain family farms, preserve jobs, and support the local economy.

There are a number of special events occurring this fall where you can safely celebrate Maine agriculture and the beauty of the season. These opportunities are planned locally, with attention to CDC guidelines for coronavirus precautions. If you’d like to participate in these agricultural activities, remember to check ahead to learn about requirements at your destination, wear a mask when indoors or in crowded situations, stay home if you aren’t feeling well, and follow any guidelines offered on site. Here are a few ways to enjoy Maine’s agriculture this fall:

Explore Maine’s Cideries and Wineries

Fall is the perfect season to explore the flavors of Maine through ciders and wines. Many are available in local stores, and some locations welcome you to observe the process and sample products. You’ll find cideries and wineries as you travel about Maine and take in the foliage. Or, make plans to visit one of our Real Maine members.

The Maine Winery Guild invites you to travel along the Maine Wine Trail. Maine wineries and cideries produce grape and fruit wines, distilled spirits, meads, ciders, and fortified wines. Download a copy of your winery passport at mainewinetrail.com.

Experience Apple Picking

Apples are a favorite Maine crop. Local orchards are particularly beautiful in the golden hues of autumn. Shoppers can enjoy the crisp bite of a Maine apple, a refreshing sip of cider, and many delicious apple products. You can find Maine apples and apple goodies at orchards (many with pre-picked or pick-your-own options), farmers’ markets, farm stands, cooperatives, independent grocers, and supermarkets. This year, make it a point to discover new varieties! You might just find that your favorite apple isn’t the Macintosh after all.

Connect with Maine Maple During Maine Maple Fall Fest – October 9-10, 2021

Sweet, local maple syrup is always available in Maine, but this fall, there will be a special change to visit many maple producers to stock up on syrup and maple treats during Maine Maple Producers Weekend. Maple syrup stores well for many months, so consider stocking up for the winter months now. If you have friends out of state, they will surely welcome gifts of pure Maine maple syrup at the holidays, too. Whether used in a sweet marinade for meats, poured warm over breakfast treats on a cold winter morning, or drizzled over vanilla ice cream for a quick and delicious dessert, maple syrup is a critical pantry item! Learn more about producers participating in the Maine Maple Fest at mainemapleproducers.com.

Discover Maine Cheeses and Dairy Products at Open Creamery Day – Sunday, October 10, 2021

It’s easy to celebrate Maine creameries year-round by purchasing Maine cheeses and dairy products at your local farmers’ market or shop. When you take the time to find local products, you’ll be rewarded with unique varieties. On Sunday, October 10, during the holiday weekend, the Maine Cheese Guild presents its annual Open Creamery Day. This is an opportunity to visit select farms to see the animals that make milk, learn the tradition of cheesemaking, and discover new Maine cheeses. Go to mainecheeseguild.org to find participating creameries. Then prepare to explore some country roads, meet some friendly animals, and discover new flavors!

Enjoy harvest time in Maine! It is a great time to explore, experience, discover and connect with Maine agriculture. Learn more about these and other events in Harvest Time in Maine, our fall publication: