9 Jul 2021

Summer in Maine Agriculture

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Summer is here! Get to know Maine farmers, enjoy tasty seasonal sips, and plan an agricultural trip

Summer in Maine agriculture is a busy time, and there’s lots to see and do. Farmers across the state are working to offer quality products no matter the season, including some that are fresh-picked and some that will take other forms (like crusty bread or snug knit caps). We invite you to explore all the offerings this season, and learn more about why and how Maine agriculture offers variety and quality products for you!

Find a farm, fair, summer learning events, and recipes…

Summer in Maine Agriculture is one of four publications from Real Maine. Each publication focuses on different seasons, but the message is consistent: there are many ways you can support Maine agriculture year-round. And, there are many ways you can choose Maine farm products, which offer a variety of choices, no matter the season! Get to know more about Maine agriculture with the help of Real Maine and Maine farmers. We think you’ll find a lot of great things!

Making an ongoing commitment to supporting our farms and
food businesses by buying local whenever possible, as an
individual or institution, is a great way to ensure that we can
build and maintain a robust and resilient food system that
enhances our food security and provides ongoing economic
benefit to our communities and our state.”

Amanda Beal, Commissioner, Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry