8 Jul 2021

Maine Senior FarmShare

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The Maine Senior FarmShare Program (MSFP) is a statewide summer food program for eligible Mainers 60 years and up (55 for Native Americans). MSFP provides each participating senior access to a fifty dollar “share” at a particular farm or farm stand. They can spend the share as they wish on Maine-grown foods over the course of the growing season. The seniors choose whatever produce the prefer, and provide additional sales for their local farmer. It’s a win-win program!

To participate, seniors select one farm or farm stand from the list of participating sites. (We recommend choosing a farm that grows the kinds of foods you especially like and that is easy to get to.) The shares can be used to purchase fresh produce as well as local honey and fresh cut herbs. (Basil and parsley are versatile summer favorites to try!)

Seasonal produce is a a regional strength in Maine. Most farms here tend to grow many products over a short period of time. Maine Senior FarmShare is an easy way to add monthly diversity and nutrition to your diet. Take advantage of the broad variety of Maine foods with our recipes, such as this one for a spin on a tapas favorite – Green Pea Hummus.

To learn more, go to the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry’s Maine Senior FarmShare page.

The Maine Senior FarmShare Program is available aross the state.