23 Jul 2021

Celebrate Wild Blueberry Weekend – August 7-8, 2021

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Experience the Magic of Maine Wild Blueberries

There’s something wild happening this summer that’s sure to become a beloved Maine tradition. It is the first annual Wild Blueberry Weekend is set for August 7-8! The Wild Blueberry Commission of Maine has organized this event to celebrate Maine’s iconic berry. While paying homage to the local farms and businesses behind it.

“Ordinary blueberries, also called cultivated blueberries, are a globally produced commodity. Bred and hybridized to increase their shelf life. Yet, 485 Maine farmers grow roughly 100% of the nation’s, smaller, sweeter, and healthier— never planted or bred—wild blueberries. We are making Wild Blueberry Weekend a new Maine summer tradition. Have a wild blueberry cocktail at a participating establishment on Saturday, August 7th. The next day, venture out into Maine, meet your wild blueberry farmer, and hear their story.” said Eric Venturini, Executive Director, The Wild Blueberry Commission of Maine. “Wild Blueberry Weekend is about sharing our iconic local food and supporting Maine farms and businesses. Read more about the weekend’s events in this Portland Press Herald article.

Map Out Your Adventure: Where the Wild Places Are

During Wild Blueberry Weekend you can:

  • Eat wild blueberry themed menu items at more than 50 participating establishments statewide
  • Drink wild blueberry beer, wine, and cocktails at some of Maine’s best breweries, wineries, and restaurants
  • Experience 15 local wild blueberry farms. Meet the hardworking people delivering the taste of Maine around the world. Participating farms will open their doors and provide a variety of experiences. From harvesting demonstrations, farm tours, hand raking, and pick-your own wild blueberries. And of course sampling and purchasing delicious wild blueberries and products.

“We hope people will come from all over to celebrate Wild Blueberry Weekend and learn why this little berry is such an important part of our state’s culture and heritage. We know once they get a taste of the wild side, they’ll keep a stock of frozen wild blueberries in their freezer all year long,” concluded Venturini.

Do something wild and join the fun this summer by visiting www.wildblueberryweekend.com.