Real Maine -ARD Sponsorship Request Form

Thank you for considering Real Maine and the Agricultural Resource Development (ARD) Division of the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry as a sponsorship partner. Real Maine and ARD partners with organizations that connect people with Maine farmers and food producers. Partnerships which support farmers, agricultural products and experiences are an essential part of Maine’s agricultural community, economy, and regional food system. If you are seeking an agriculture related event or organization sponsorship, we welcome you to submit an online sponsorship request form. Please make sure the application is fully complete before submitting. While it is not possible to fund every request received each year, we value reviewing each request and increasing our understanding of the work being done within the agriculture community. Sponsorship request forms must be submitted at least 90 days prior to the event or activity date. Requests must identify and articulate the specific role, or benefit, that the Real Maine promotions program and/or the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry (DACF) will have related to the sponsored event or organization. Sponsorship opportunities must heighten the awareness of Real Maine in the local agricultural community and/or marketplace. Deadline: A rolling application period does not have a specific deadline. However, the Department’s fiscal year begins on July 1 annually. Sponsorship requests will be reviewed at least quarterly, and may take up to 90 days for a response. Funds are very limited and may be available on a first-come first served basis or as related to specific Department and program priorities. Submission of a sponsorship request form does not in any way guarantee a promise of funding.

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Please indicate the area served by the event, or if the sponsorship request is not event-specific, the area served by your organization.
Please enter an amount ranging from $100- $5,000. Please note that follow up information may be required. If there is a range of sponsorship levels for Real Maine and ARD to consider, please describe the specific level(s) in the further information field at the end of the form.
Please list other organizations requested to sponsor and when possible include a list of those committed to also providing a sponsorship.
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Enter the first day of the event, if this is an event related sponsorship request.
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If this is an event related request, please provide details regarding the event including the number of anticipated participants, the demographics of the audience, and the number of years the event or activity has occurred. Enter n/a or provide additional organizational details if this is not an event-based request.
Do you plan on hosting this event in the future?(Required)
Please describe how this sponsorship request aligns with the mission of Real Maine and the guiding principles of the Department of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry. The Real Maine agricultural promotions program was created by the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry to market Maine agricultural products and connect people with Maine farmers and food producers. By sharing farmer and producer stories and giving consumers access to authentic Maine farm products and experiences we are supporting a sector that is an essential part of the Maine economy, regional food system, and the quality of life Maine people enjoy.
Please describe how the sponsorship funds will be utilized, if funded. If this is a fundraising event, please provide the estimate of total funds to be raised.
Please describe ways in which you, the organization, or this event have been connected to Real Maine and/or the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry (DACF). How will this sponsorship enhance the collaboration?
Has Real Maine or Maine DACF sponsored this event or your organization in the past? If yes, please provide the approximate dates, amounts, and type of sponsorship previously funded in the prior five years. Enter n/a if this is a first-time request.
Please detail and describe how Real Maine and/or Maine DACF will be recognized, if sponsorship funding is granted. is there an opportunity for Real Maine and DACF staff to give input on sponsorship details (e.g. sponsor tote bags, aprons, learning workshops, etc).
Please describe what opportunities for Real Maine and Maine DACF staff might be available. Are tickets included in the sponsorship level? Are volunteers needed for the event or organization? Are there other opportunities to support the mission of your organization and/or event?
How will you determine that your event or organizational fiscal year has been successful? What is your primary goal related to this sponsorship request?
Outcomes and Reporting(Required)
If funded, what outcomes, reporting metrics, and data will you share with the Maine DACF after your event or activity?

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