30 Aug 2023

Apple Facts From The Maine Pomological Society

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Table full of apples with labels of the different varieties grown in Maine orchards
Dozens of apple varieties grow in Maine orchards. Visit a local orchard to learn more about the best ones for eating fresh, baking, or preserving.
  • It takes about 36 apples to create one gallon of apple cider
  • Apple trees take from two to ten years to produce their first fruit, depending on the variety and whether they are dwarf or full-sized trees
  • There are well over 100 varieties of apples currently grown in Maine, but most farms grow 20 to 30 varieties
  • McIntosh is the most grown apple variety in New England
  • Two apple varieties, Black Oxford and Brock, originated in Maine
  • Eighty-four farms produce about one million bushels of apples each year in Maine, on 2,000 acres
  • Most apple trees are propagated by bud grafting, a technique that joins two plants into one. Since apples do not come true-to-type from seed, and do not readily form roots on cuttings, they are grafted onto easy-to-root stocks that serve as the root system.