1 Nov 2023

Maine Creamery’s Ricotta Wins at World Cheese Awards

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Real Maine member Crooked Face Creamery, located in Skowhegan, was among the winners at the 35th edition of the World Cheese Awards, which was held in Norway on October 27. Amidst a field of more than 4,500 entries from 43 countries, Crooked Face Creamery’s pressed lemon fennel ricotta received a bronze award.

The pressed lemon fennel ricotta impressed a panel of leading cheese experts, including critics, chefs, recipe creators, buyers, retailers, journalists, and broadcasters. The experts meticulously evaluated each cheese, considering factors such appearance, aroma, body, texture, and most notably, its flavor.

The award-winning cheese is made every week with local cow’s milk at the creamery. Fresh lemon zest, fennel, and seasonal herbs are ingredients, and the cheese is pressed overnight to achieve the right flavor and consistency.

Crooked Face Creamery founder and cheesemaker Amy Rowbottom was born into a dairy farming family in Norridgewock. Rowbottom, in her 14th year as an artisan cheese producer, makes her cheese with limited ingredients and high quality, preservative-free whole milk. Rowbottom’s company sells its various cheeses at farmers’ markets, specialty shops, bakeries, and farm-to-table restaurants across Maine.

“We are a small batch creamery in a small town in Maine. To be on the podium on the world stage feels bigger than we could possibly imagine,” Rowbottom said. “Our successful showing is a testament to not only the hard work that we’ve done, but also the high standards that we strive to achieve with all of our cheeses.”

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