The strawberry season is short and sweet. In fact, it’s so short that we recommend eating fresh strawberries for breakfast, lunch, and dinner while they are in season! Scatter some on your morning cereal, add some to your lunch salad, and bake biscuits in a casserole full of sweetened berries for dinner. How can you go wrong? Strawberries freeze very well, so consider preparing plenty of fresh berries for the freezer as well, to enjoy throughout the coming months.

Fresh, local strawberries are typically available at farmers’ markets, roadside stands, and some grocery stores in June and early July. (Some farms grow special varieties that produce later in the season, but the big harvest is early summer.) Many Mainers rely on pick-your-own farms to source quantities of berries in season. Most PYO strawberry growers will still be open this season, but will be taking extra precautions due to the coronavirus pandemic. Be sure to check the social media and/or web pages for your favorite farm for new policies. This year plan to focus on picking quickly and efficiently, then getting home to enjoy the bounty with friends and family!