Maine potatoes are available year round at your supermarket (look for Maine on the label, or on a tag along the bottom seam of the package, or ask your grocer), and are also widely available at farm stands and farmers’ markets. There are many varieties from which to choose, and it pays to be selective. (Russets are perfect for baking, and red potatoes for boiling. Learn more here.) Potatoes are affordable, versatile, nutritious, and long lasting (just be sure to store them in a cool, dry, dark location, and do not store near onions.) By mid summer there will be plenty of “new potatoes” available. These small red and white potatoes are perfect for almost any dish, from boiling for salad to roasting on the grill.

Traditionally the Maine Building on the Avenue of the States at the Eastern States Exposition is a destination for baked potatoes each September. The Maine Potato Board serves baked potatoes to thousands of eager fair-goers each year. Visit our blog for our recipe for twice-baked potatoes, a perfect dish for a light summer Maine main course!