Broadly speaking, there are three types of peas: tradition shell peas, which are pulled from the pod like separate little marbles; snow peas, which are eaten pod and all (with the peas just tiny little nubs inside the pod); and sugar snap peas, which have bigger peas inside, but with edible pods. Just to be clear: they are all delicious. And none of them are available for long. If you see them and are available, buy them, bring them home, and eat them right away!

Elite French restaurants cook shell peas lightly, then peel each individual pea. As luxurious as that may be in the end, we do not recommend this treatment. We recommend purchasing freshly picked peas, bringing them home, giving them a rinse, and serving them that night. Whether eaten raw from the shell, or lightly cooked (lightly cooked) and added to pastas, salads, or other dishes, you can’t go wrong.

Snow peas and sugar snap peas are excellent for summer stir fries. They too need very little cooking, and are best eaten very fresh.

If you are fortunate enough to have young helpers to shell the peas, you can be even more creative! (We suggest supplying the child/children with a long-lasting lollipop so as not to lose too many peas in the process.) This recipe for green pea hummus is delicious, very nutritious, family friendly, and pretty to look at.