Summer’s heat brings tomato season! Typically fresh tomatoes start to appear in farm stands and farmers’ markets in mid- to late-July, and are available into the fall. Tomatoes that are mass-produced are round and red, but have little else in common with a farm-grown, vine-ripened fruit. When shopping from local farms, you’ll find a wide variety of tomatoes in a range of colors and flavors, from sun gold to Prudens purple. If possible, ask the farmer to suggest their favorites, and to give you tips on which variety is best suited to your meal plans. In general, common types of tomatoes are “cherry” tomatoes (small, sweet, early to ripen), “paste” tomatoes (less pulp, good for cooking), and “slicer” tomatoes (large, juicy, and sweet). Vine-ripened tomatoes are fragile, so treat them gently to avoid bruising. Store them at room temperature (avoid refrigeration) and eat them promptly.