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Petrullo Farms

Business-to-Business (Wholesale)

We are three young entrepreneurs who wanted to take something that we love and make it our own. Being raised in an Italian household, we grew up with the joys of eating pasta for almost every dinner meal. With the love of pasta growing from each bite, we dreamed of creating an authentic-style pasta recipe using farm-fresh ingredients that would be impossible not to share.

Living on a farm in a small town in Maine, we were blessed to be around the most down-to-earth and friendliest people you can meet. Living on and between the mountains while raising chickens in a wide and open field and having the best water in the country right at our fingertips, we knew that we had to take a part of Maine with us on this journey. We wanted to combine the homeyness and comfort Maine offers with the deliciousness of farm-fresh and high-quality ingredients to make pasta that will truly make you smile.

With the help of some family friends (Stoneheart Farms), we were able to make our dream a reality. With only 5 ingredients: free-range eggs, fresh Maine water, salt, semolina, and durum flour, we have created a pasta that gives you the feel of Maine while savoring the taste of Italy.

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  • Business-to-Business (Wholesale)