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Highland Foods, LLC

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Highland Foods, LLC is the proud maker of Maple Pepper® Brand Seasoning since 1987. Our products are made with 100% pure maple sugar – savory with a touch of sweetness. We use only the finest ingredients to maintain freshness, quality and taste. Maple Pepper®​ Brand Seasoning is pure and simple. Try it once. You’ll come back for more! Our seasoning comes in four flavors: Maple Pepper® Original, Maple Pepper® w/Habanero, Maple Pepper® w/Garlic, and Maple Pepper® w/Rosemary. Products are available in two convenient packaging types: 2.6 oz. glass jars with shaker tops, and larger sized pour and shakes. The versatility of Maple Pepper®​ Brand Seasoning lends itself to use as a table condiment; flavoring for olive oil; dry rub for roasts, poultry and grilling; flavoring for marinade for meat; signature flavor for stews, soups, meatloaf and casseroles; and a sweet, peppery kick for seafood and vegetables.

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Maple Pepper® brand seasonings made with 100% pure maple sugar. Flavors are: Original, with garlic, with habanero. Attractive and recyclable glass packaging, 3 ounce jar. Gift boxes, bulk ordering, private labeling offered as well.

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