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Highland Farms Sugar Works

Farm Sugar Shack/Maple Syrup

Highland Farms is located atop the scenic Towles Hill in Cornish, Maine. Three generations of family the; Pike, Palmer and Bleakney work on Highland Farms, where their ancestors started one of the nation’s first and oldest registered Jersey herds back in 1886. Highland Farms milks 260 cows and raises 240 replacement heifers. The farm is situated on 1,200 acres and rents another 100 acres. About 1,000 acres of the farm is woodland and is sustainably managed by the Highland Farms Logging Crew. Currently the active sugar bush is around 6 acres on the southwestern side of Towles Hill. There you will find a small-scale sustainable, low impact tubing system using natural gravity and producing pure maple sap.

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Farm Activities

Genetics from Highland Farms can be found in Jersey herds across the globe, through descendants of one of the farm's initial purchases, Perty W. 41721, and the bull Highland Magic Duncan as well as his son, Highland Duncan Lester. With the seventh generation now toddling around the award-winning farm, farmer (and grandmother) Libby Bleakney says, “You work to hopefully improve the farm a little every day to make it better for the next generation. We try to produce the best quality product for the consumer, take care of our animals the best we can and do all that we can to protect the land, soil and water.”

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