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The Big Tree Herb Farm started as a small farm in 2015 in the town of Lebanon Maine.  We now have a greenhouse, 5 goats, 23 chickens, 1 guinea pig, 13 ducks, 4 dogs and 1 cat and grow over 35 medicinal and culinary herbs, as well as many vegetables and fruits.   We have been studying medicinal herbs for many years as a means to heal ourselves and keep ourselves well without harmful chemicals or prescription drugs.   As you will see from the descriptions of herbal properties on our products, herbs are so versatile and good for so many different things that it has been a fascinating study! 

We grow all of our own herbs and produce using organic practices with no pesticides or chemicals and only compost for fertilizer.

Our goal is to share our herbs and knowledge with others so that they may also be empowered to heal themselves with the remedies that the earth provides.

Please contact or check the member’s website or social media for the most up-to-date hours, location, and information.

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