30 Jan 2024

Look To Real Maine For Valentine’s Day Inspiration

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Valentine’s Day is an ideal opportunity to show appreciation for the ones around you. This year, share Real Maine products with the valentines in your life.

Find the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day and throughout the year by customizing your search at Real Maine.

Here is a sampling of Real Maine member items to inspire your Valentine’s Day shopping list while supporting local farms and producers.

Nearly every Real Maine member offers gift cards or certificates, which might just be the perfect gift. It’s a great time of year to consider giving somebody a gift subscription to a CSA (for everything from produce to flowers). Many members also sell gift baskets, which often can be personalized.


3 Alpaca stuff animals in a variety of colors

There’s nothing like the feel of products made with Maine-made yarn and fiber. Real Maine fiber products – everything from blankets and socks, to hats and scarves, to gloves and stuffed animals. Share a cozy gift with someone special.


Find the right Real Maine wine and cheese pairing to enjoy this Valentine’s Day. The dynamic duo could form the base for a holiday charcuterie board or are also delicious by themselves. Choices include traditional favorites like Haymaker cheddar from Balfour Farm, or maybe try something new this year like Wild Blueberry Sparkling Wine from Bluet.


Real Maine berries can be enjoyed year-round – fresh or frozen. Look to your local farm store or grocer for frozen berries, perfect for holiday baking, smoothies, and sweet treats.



Chocolate is a timeless Valentine’s Day gift. Look to Real Maine for traditional or creative chocolate confections, including:

Comfort and Induldgence

Show someone how much you care by giving them the gift of comfort and self-care. There are a number of Real Maine members that can help you find what you’re looking for. Maybe Calendula Rose Salve from Rabbit’s Foot Farm, or a Aromatherapy Eye Pillow from Perry Home Naturals?


Another timeless Valentine’s Day tradition. Look to Real Maine flower retailers for a rainbow of Valentine’s Day floral varieties. Floral bouquets and arrangements are sure to brighten your Valentine’s day.

Real Maine is the state’s official agriculture and agritourism promotions program. For each holiday and throughout the year, plan your agricultural experience with Real Maine. Visit www.RealMaine.com to connect to farms, food, and agriculture throughout Maine.