6 May 2020

Maine Agriculture: Celebrate the Arrival of Spring

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As the long, cold months of December, January, and February draw to a close, Mainers start to think in earnest about spring. By March there are typically some warm days (though snowstorms still strike well into April!). The chances to meet farmers, support local agriculture, and visit farms continue throughout the year in Maine. Early spring offers a variety of ways to meet local farmers and learn more about Maine farms and their contributions to Maine’s quality of place and space.

Celebrate the Arrival of Spring

Maine Maple Sunday® falls at the end of winter, the 4th Sunday in March. This statewide tradition celebrates the changing seasons—a reflection on the experiences of winter, and a reminder that while the seasons change, something sweet is happening behind the scenes year-round in Maine agriculture.

Maple syrup, one of Maine’s prized winter “crops”, begins on the working landscapes and sugarbushes as farmers’ maple trees. Producers harvest sap from the trees, and turn it into maple products.

Always the fourth Sunday in March, Maine Maple Sunday® is a time-honored tradition where producers throughout the state open their doors to the public for a day of maple syrup making and sugarbush tours. There are also plenty of opportunities to sample the sweet stuff in all its forms – from straight-up maple syrup to maple candies to Maine ice cream drizzled in syrup.

It’s a great way for the entire family to get out and about, celebrating a Maine winter and future bounties.

Shop outside

Remember, even on blustery March and April days, there will be outdoor farmers’ markets to visit! Some winter markets wind down in March, whereas other summer markets get started in April, so keep a close eye on the weather, and on the social media pages for your favorite markets. All your year-round favorites (like cheeses, meats, storage vegetables, and craft beverages) will be available, plus spring vegetables like fresh greens!