Real Maine is an agriculture promotions program of the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry (DACF) to promote Maine agricultural products through advertising, trades shows, technical assistance, and by providing branding tools and materials directly to producers.

The Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry is the State’s lead agency dealing with all aspects of the food system from the field to the table. The Department maintains a mission of fostering opportunities for the agricultural community and of promoting stewardship of Maine’s natural resources.

Maine farmers are the stewards of 1.25 million acres. The land provides the public benefits of open space and recreation. They are the cornerstone of food security for Maine people. The industry has a $1.2 billion impact on the Maine economy.

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The Real Maine Team

The Division of Agricultural Resource Development is responsible for developing and implementing programs and policies to ensure that agricultural businesses remain profitable and sustainable. Our programs, including Real Maine, focus on business development, market promotion, education and regulation to assure that agricultural practices are economically and environmentally sound. Meet the Real Maine staff who make it all happen!

Michelle Webb

Michelle Webb is the Director of the Agricultural Resource Development Division. She oversees statewide programs benefitting farms, food producers, and the public, including marketing and promotion efforts such as the Real Maine and agritourism branding program, as well as supporting domestic and international trade opportunities. Other ARD programs include federally funded food assistance, farmland protection, technical assistance, grants, loans investing in innovation and farms, soil and water conservation support, and agricultural fairs assistance.

Lucas Knowles

Lucas Knowles supports the promotional work of the Division of Agricultural Resource Development. He also works directly with the Real Maine Program. He has over 20 years of experience in the communications field, previously working in journalism as a reporter and editor, and for a nonprofit state association. He lives in Augusta with his wife and son. He is a lover of music, a collector of vinyl records, and has lost count of how many concerts he’s been to. He is an avid reader and big sports fan.