What We Do

“Real Maine” is a program of the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry. It connects people with Maine farmers and food producers. By sharing their stories and giving consumers access to authentic Maine farm products and experiences, we are supporting the growth of an industry that is an essential part of the state’s economy and the quality of life enjoyed by Maine people.

In Maine, agriculture is deeply woven into the fabric of our culture. Through Real Maine’s website, we encourage people to: 

  • Explore Maine farmers and producers 
  • Experience the diverse offerings of agricultural products year-round
  • Discover how the industry innovates and the importance of the agricultural community
  • Connect with hardworking farmers and food producers

A multi-facial family pose for a picture at a Maine Farmers' Market in the summer

Real Maine Membership

The Real Maine brand was created by the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry to market Maine agricultural products. If your farm or business creates Maine agricultural products (grown or produced in the state) or agricultural experiences, sign up to become a member! 

Members may use the logo on their products, may purchase marketing materials (such as stickers, banners, and hang tags), and will be listed in our online, searchable database. Through local, regional, and national media, Real Maine invites everyone to explore, experience, discover, connect, and learn about Real Maine agriculture.

We are hearing more than ever that people are demanding more Maine-grown and made products. The word ‘Maine’ is synonymous with high-quality and integrity. The goal for Real Maine is to provide a fresh logo and a smart marketing and communications campaign that opens more doors for Maine agriculture. We believe this will help galvanize more local, regional, and national demand for our agricultural products.

AMANDA BEAL, Commissioner of the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry

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