28 Feb 2022

Kennebec Valley & Moose River Region – Trip Ideas

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The Kennebec Valley region offers a lot to see and do. This is because it’s the widest north-south stretch of any Maine region. It includes the Maine state capital of Augusta to the border of the Canadian province of Quebec. Many towns and year-round destinations offer a variety of activities for visitors.

A wide array of Maine agriculture happens in this region. Starting at the westernmost part, sugar makers harvest maple sap, which becomes a natural sweetener: Pure Maine maple syrup. Because of the density of sugar maples in this area, the sap output helps Maine rank as one of the top three maple syrup producing states in the nation.

Down river, is Maine’s “dairy capitol”. It’s a hub of dairy farms, and related businesses (like equipment and supply stores that service farms across Maine). The farmers are caring for thousands of acres of open space. You might drive by acres of hay and other cropland, and you’ll find milk from many of these farms in the dairy case.

Looking for a variety of sites and ways to choose Maine farm products? This region is home to many food and farm-related businesses. For example, bountiful farmstands and orchards, during peak harvest seasons. In addition there are farm stores and local grocers open year-round, and many feature Maine produced choices. A grist mill, favorite restaurants, summer camps, and colleges are close to the towns of Skowhegan, Augusta and Waterville. Plan a visit to agricultural fairs – this area has the most of any region in Maine! You can save the date for the annual cheese festival and awards too. It is a ticketed fundraiser to support the Maine Cheese Guild.

Pre-Trip: Hear from some of the farmers and makers in this area

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