18 Mar 2022

Springtime in Maine – 2022

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Springtime in Maine – Adventure Awaits!

Springtime in Maine features much anticipated traditions. Of course this includes celebrating Maine Maple Sunday (always the fourth Sunday in March). Look for a checklist of springtime activities on page three. Use it as a guide, or for inspiration. There a variety of sights and places to see from March to June. These include nurseries, and greenhouses and different types of farmstands. Markets and specialty food places are also great places to visit as the weather warms.

This publication offers tips for how you can visit sites too, such as a sugarshack, or a nursery. Visits can offer a firsthand look into producing quality local food, fiber and flowers. The and ideas for celebrating a variety of Maine agriculture using Real Maine’s trip planner tool. As you explore Maine agriculture, tag your finds and products with #RealMaine. Follow us on social media for more updates throughout the year!

a springtime greenhouse in Maine
Springtime in Maine means greenhouses will fill with a variety of choices for gardeners. You can use the trip planner tool to DIY places of interest, or use the suggestions in the publication.