6 May 2020

Nurseries, Greenhouses, and Garden Centers during COVID-19

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Attention gardeners!

Local greenhouses and nurseries are open for business, but they’re counting on you to help make shopping safe and accessible to all. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Check out the website or social media pages of your greenhouse/nursery for business-specific purchasing procedures. Some businesses may be offering pre-order options, specific time slots for shoppers, or other strategies to eliminate crowding.
  2. Pay attention to signage and respect the rules. Businesses are limited on the number of customers who may be inside. Outdoor retail sales can allow for greater numbers, but many businesses will be redesigning their layout to help customers easily follow 6’ social distancing guidelines.
  3. Shop alone whenever possible. This may be the toughest step for many gardeners. We understand that buying seedlings is a tradition many Mainers share with loved ones, but coming in groups can reduce the overall number of customers a business can serve at one point in time.

Remember, you can keep planting throughout the summer for late season harvesting. Happy gardening!