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Planet Naskeag Llc Planet Naskeag Llc is a small business with the mission to provide safe, healthy and attractive food products that support local producers. Our hope is to help build a sustainable economy for people and the planet to be in balance. Our first product is Wild Pickled Blueberries, which deliver powerful antioxidant health benefits, along with scintillating flavors that are a perfect complement for roasts, salads, sandwiches and more. Made with organic blueberries grown on small farms, this makeover of Maine’s classic product brings delight to the palate even as it douses your cells in the Fountain of Youth. A new twist…. yet made the old-fashioned way, in small batches, using traditional canning techniques. CEO Silvia Mathewson came to Maine from Brazil in 2016 with her American husband. Here she took up the study of English, and two years later began to teach cooking classes for continuing education programs, drawing on her knowledge of Brazilian cuisine. With a background as an archivist and historian, having worked with cultural institutions and political consulting firms, she found it was time to launch a new career. After surveying classic Maine products, she decided to try something new with blueberries, and created her own special brew for wild pickled blueberries. The results were dazzling, as the new delicacy combined splendidly with all sorts of foods. In 2019, she founded Planet Naskeag to launch this first of what she hopes will be many natural food products. We believe that the act of cooking is an act of love, and it is with love that we produce our pickled blueberries. It’s a process encompassing the engagement of local growers, product certification by the University of Maine’s Food and Agriculture Cooperative Extension, state inspection of our facilities and kitchen, and meticulous attention to hygiene when it comes to the actual pickling, which happens to be one of Silvia’s obsessions. contact us:

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