1 Dec 2021

Real Maine Sweets for Every Taste

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The holidays are the perfect season to satisfy your sweet tooth. Confections are abundant, make great gifts, and are easy to find. Whether you’re a chocolate lover or go straight for sugar, there are Real Maine sweets for every taste. Let us guide you through some familiar Real Maine favorites!

Sap to sugar:

The quintessential Maine treat is maple candy. There are few things sweeter and more distinctly flavored than golden candy made from real Maine maple syrup. Just a little goes a long way, making for a perfect small indulgence. (Even better: this treat is readily available at supermarkets and convenience stores. Why wait?) For the foodies in your circle of friends, look for maple butter to jazz up scones for a Sunday brunch, or even simply a jar of the best pure maple syrup you can find. Have kids on your gift list? Maple cotton candy may be just what you are looking for.

Maple sugar candies
Chocolates in greenery

Chocolate lovers:

Fun shapes or traditional bars, Real Maine chocolatiers have something for all ages. From elegant, hand-dipped confections from Ragged Coast, to cute family treats from Wilbur’s of Maine, it’s easy to find locally crafted chocolates for a special celebration. Suffering some winter blues? Sit back on a chilly day with a steamy cup of hot chocolate to lift your spirits. Chocolates make great stocking stuffers or business gifts, and are available to ship to friends and family near and far. Share a taste of Maine with friends from away this season with chocolate covered Maine blueberries.

Sweet and savory:

Have a sweet tooth but want something with a little more substance? Try some sweet & savory bars or fruity crisps. Pair with nuts or your favorite jams or cheese spreads for an equally sweet and satisfying snack! Charcuterie boards are one way to please everyone around the table with a mix of flavors. Add some Real Maine sweets for every taste with a sweet and sour chutney, or a decadent chocolate dip for fruit. It’s easy to make an elegant arrangement with basic ingredients (don’t forget the Maine Crisps as a foundation!). And for added Maine cred, use a locally crafted board. They are easy to find at farmers’ markets, specialty stores, and even the Maine State Prison Showroom.

Crisps, cheese and fruit platter

You can shop online, at your local farm or farmer’s market, or ask your grocer for these special treats year round.