25 Nov 2020

Gifts for the Knotty and Nice

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With gift-giving season upon us, now is a perfect time to start knitting or crocheting gifts. It’s also the perfect time to shop for practical presents of warm winter socks, mittens, or hats. In Maine, we have fiber producers across the state offering many ways to shop. Discover and explore the fiber arts this holiday season.

Explore Virtual Fairs

Many fiber producers rely on fairs for much of their business. This year most agricultural fairs were canceled, but a few went virtual, opening new online market channels for farmers. By visiting their virtual exhibit halls, you can shop your favorite vendors and find new producers all in one place. Order online, from the safety and comfort of home.

For example, one fair known for its fiber arts is the Common Ground Fair. From A Wrinkle in Time’s vegetable-dyed yarn, to Barred Owl Creamery’s natural batting, and fiber arts tools from Stephen Willette, you can find something for the crafty person on your list.

During a typical year, the annual Maine Fiber Frolic is beloved by many. This 19-year-old festival is usually held each year (though canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic) at the Windsor Fairgrounds. It is a celebration of fiber, fiber animals, fiber arts, and small farming ventures drawing more than 90 vendors and hosting many workshops. Certainly, be sure to visit the event website to see a list of recent vendors.  

Shop Online Market Places

Additionally, how about something extra soft for that special someone? Consider alpaca fleece! Visit the Maine Alpaca Association’s Marketplace to shop 22 vendors. There you’ll find a variety of clothing, yarn, fiber, and plush stuffed animals.

Don’t forget to search Real Maine to find farms and producers to explore. There you’ll find vendors like Bartlettyarn or Seacolors. Or visit Maine Made’s Fiber and Fiber Arts page for artisan-made apparel, gifts, and arts.

Supporting Maine fiber farmers and artists protect our agricultural heritage. Above all, by choosing local and natural products you’ll be giving the environment a gift too!