14 May 2024

Local Flowers: Vibrant, Fresh, and Available

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Close up of seasonal bouquet featuring orange, pink, and purple flowers with greenery like eucalyptus.

Spring is here, spurring thoughts about colorful ways to decorate both interior and exterior with flowers. Buying local is a cornerstone of what we promote here at Real Maine, so we’d like to remind you that when you are buying flowers, be sure to buy local.

Floral bouquets and arrangements brighten spaces and moods, and locally raised flowers come to you fresh from the field and not from hundreds, or maybe even thousands, of miles away.

A great place to start your search for local flowers is to look to Real Maine growers and retailers. Remember that you can purchase Maine-grown flowers year-round.

To find out more about Maine’s flower-growing community, we spoke with Mary Lou Hoskins, president of the board of directors of the Maine Flower Collective. The Collective is a member-owned cooperative of Maine flower growers and wholesale buyers.

What are some of the ways people can purchase flowers from local growers?

Many local growers have farm stands and CSAs for flowers. Many of us also attend local farmers’ markets.

When you purchase flowers grown locally, what are the benefits to the environment and local economy?

First of all, when you purchase flowers locally, you are supporting local businesses – the money stays right here in the community and keeps local people employed. Many flower farmers, most I would say, use organic practices as much as possible, even if they are not certified organic. That means less chemicals on your flowers and less in the environment, as opposed to imports, which generally are chemically treated for shipping and probably were sprayed during production, too.

What flowers would Mainers be surprised that can be and are grown in Maine?

We have rose growers, winter greenhouse-grown tulips, eucalyptus for greens, and many perennials that make great cut flowers.

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