30 Nov 2021

Real Maine for the Holidays

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This winter, many Mainers will be staying close to home. It’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy a Real Maine holiday and support local businesses, friends, and neighbors. There is a wide variety of beautiful decorations, delicious foods, and locally-sourced gifts available from Maine’s agricultural producers. And the good news is, it’s easy to find Real Maine products to make your holidays special!

Choose locally grown poinsettias for the perfect gifts for someone who has everything…. and to decorate your own home with holiday colors. Learn more about Maine-grown poinsettias here.

Select a Maine-grown Christmas tree for the freshest, best-scented Yule! Learn more Maine’s sustainable Christmas tree farms, how to choose your tree, and how to care for it in this article.

Agricultural products make interesting and unique gifts, and can be found at fun destinations like locally-owned stores and winter farmers’ markets. We offer unique gift suggestions.
Wreaths, garlands, and other greenery make beautiful decorations and wonderful gifts for family and friends. Find tips about where to find greenery and how to share with your friends in this post.