13 Nov 2020

Cooking with Maine Stout

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Stouts are dark, rich beers with intense flavor. The dark color, rich foam, and complex taste of stout beer makes it popular in cold weather months, when a heavier drink seems just right. And even if you don’t like to drink a dark beer, you might enjoy cooking with Maine stout! Stouts are often formulated with layers of flavor, including coffee and pumpkin. These flavors can punch up simple dishes like stews, or transformed into glazes for meats and vegetables. The sugars in stout also please yeast, making the dark beer a flavorful addition to yeasty breads.

Stout Recipes to Try

For a fall family favorite, the first recipe to try is Chocolate Stout Donuts from the 2020 Dash of Maine Holiday Cooking Contest! Button in for the cold autumn weather and fry up some rich donuts. For more recipe diversity, this article from Food and Wine offers “9 Ways to Cook with Stout” that you won’t want to miss.

You can’t possibly find a better stout than one made here in Maine with Maine grains!

-Chef Rob Dumas

Ready, Set, Whisk! Tips for Cooking with Maine Stout