31 Aug 2022

Open Winery Day Offers A Taste of Maine

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By the Maine Wine Guild

Save the date to explore Maine’s wineries and cideries on Saturday, September 10, 2022.

Maine wineries will open their doors for public tours and a look at the craft that goes into creating “a true taste of Maine.”

From southern Maine through northern Maine, wineries will showcase their wines and ciders, offer tours and tastings, and special events. This special event is just days before the typical harvest time, and visitors will learn about all the steps to make Maine wine using traditional and not-so-traditional products.

Take the opportunity to taste Maine’s classic fruit wines that highlight Maine blueberries, apples, and strawberries. Or explore wines made from Maine-grown hybrid cold-hardy grape varieties such as Marquette and Frontenac. If you have not toasted with a local bubbly, try a sparkling blueberry bubbly or explore the different types of ciders from Maine apple and fruit orchards.

Maine wineries and cideries are not just tucked away in Maine’s rural landscapes but are in our city centers. You can find a winery not far from where you live – and the Maine Wine Trail is a perfect way to help you locate a winery. Use the interactive version of the map, or pick up a printed passport at a local winery.

Get to know more about the ingredients, people, and skills to produce a Maine craft beverage

A visit and tour is a great way to explore and learn about a variety of Maine farm products. Before you make the trip, you can hear Tony Lyons, of Willows Awake Winery, and Amanda O’Brien, of eighteentwentywines discuss winemaking on the Harvesting Maine Podcast, episode nine.

The Maine Wine Guild, Boothby Farm, and Sweetgrass Winery shared their behind-the-scenes photos of vineyards and winemaking:

Tips for learning more about Maine wine:

  • The Maine Winery Guild invites you to travel along the Maine Wine Trail throughout the year. You can start your trip at www.mainewinetrail.com.
  • Use the Wine Trail map to search locations, such as vineyards and wineries, cideries and distilleries—and their websites!
  • Visit independent retailers, and select specialty markets, grocers, and shops.
  • Ask about subscriptions, gift packs, or clubs to sample or gift different options. Some winemakers can ship direct-to-consumers, and nationwide.